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What Is The List ?

The Lists contain Active Real Estate Investors Contact Information  , Phone Numbers, Business Website Information with clickable Links , Email addresses when available as they use contact us buttons on there websites now and where they Buy in the State, You are able to contact them Directly. They are Actively Buying and Selling Now !

What Format is the List ?

The List is emailed to you in a PDF File, you can also view or download it directly from our Download page.

How do I get The List ?

Once purchased we process your order and your List is Emailed to you. We use Paypal and Orders are  processed as soon as we Receive confirmation from them , usually within an hour. 

What do you mean Buyer ?

By Buyer we mean that they are ACTIVELY, Buying Real Estate with Cash .All Investors on the List are unique, They are looking for Deals. Some are commercial Investors too.

What do you mean Seller ?

By Seller we mean they are ACTIVELY Selling, OFF Market Real Estate Now, Not MLS Properties they are OFF Market Wholesale Properties. All Investors on the Lists are unique and some Sell commercial Real Estate too.

What do you mean Free updates ?

We give you FREE updates. So you can build your Buyers and Sellers Lists. We update Monthly and List are Automatically updated. We verify all Investors are Active and confirm that there contact Information is current and accurate so you get guaranteed Contacts. If you would like us to update please email us.

What our List Is Not ?

Our List is Not,  County Tax Records , Not a random Mailing list,  Not there Private Information,.

They are  100% Real Investors, and Real Estate is their Business and they mean Business .

All Totally Unique Direct Contacts Guaranteed.

What is are Refund policy ?

Customer satisfaction is of Great Importance to us and due to your purchase being Digital Information it cannot be “Returned.”Therefore  The Buyers and Sellers List, has a 50% Refund Policy for all digital products purchased.You have 12 hrs to make this Request. However you can Not request a refund for a bad link as we have updates to keep the Information  accurate and up to date,  Also one time wholesale property list orders are non Refundable due to time spent working on the property Listings , Please contact us if you have any Questions .Thank you .

What Guarantee is there ?

We Guarantee All Buyers and Sellers Lists are Active Real Estate Investors, Lists are checked and monitored Monthly and updated as needed with the objective of verifying all Contacts are Active and that contact Information is current which guarantees quality, This verification process results in unmatched quality and accuracy. However we can Not Guarantee That Investors will work with you .As with any Business your results will be based on your Individual capacity, Business experience, Expertise, and level of Desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. Each individual's Success depends on his or her Background, Dedication, Desire and Motivation.

If you have any questions please contact us.








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